Spa & Temazcal

Here at Meson de Leyendas, we take relaxation and care of oneself very seriously, which is why we have a top of the line spa facility for you to unwind in. We provide a range of services for your spa treatment including massages, a temazcal experience, jacuzzi, steam and sauna use.

But when it comes to Valle de Bravo spa treatment, which are the best options for you?

Our in-house specialist has provided expert information on the different types of spa treatments and which ones might be best for you.


Massages have been know to reduce stress, help with sleep and even improve your immune system.

When you think of spa, massages are one of the first things that come to mind because they are famous for their relaxing and healing abilities.


Temazcal is a traditional mesoamerican ritual designed to purify the body and heal it from sickness and to improve health.

Using steam and heat in a small closed space, a temazcal helps you sweat out toxins and rejuvenates your body helping you feel fresh. It is also known to have spiritual qualities rooted deeply in Mayan culture and a shaman is used to guide you through this spiritual experience. Temazcales are a great cleansing experience for the mind, body and soul.


Jacuzzi’s are just fun!

They definitely have some positive health properties using hot, bubbling water to relax your muscles and reduce stress but they are also a great place to hang out with family and friends. Even just 15 minutes is enough to relax you for the whole day.

Steam & sauna

Similarly to the Temazcal experience, steam rooms and saunas are an excellent way to help you detoxify.

Although they do not come with the spiritual qualities of a Temazcal, they will still leave you feeling refreshed and healthy after you sweat out all of your toxins. A massage followed by a steam or sauna session is one of the best spa combinations out there.


August 24, 2018

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August 24, 2018