Restaurants in Valle de BravoValle de Bravo, like all of Mexico, has amazing food and entertainment options. Restaurants in Valle de Bravo are varied and produce local, traditional Mexican cuisine as well as options from all over the world. Meson de Leyendas itself has an exquisite traditional Mexican chef who can teach you how to cook traditional Mexican cuisine.

The nightlife in Valle de Bravo is very energetic and fun in contrast to its relaxed atmosphere during the day. Valle de Bravo nightlife is especially good on the weekends if you want to dance into the small hours of the night. Check out the best restaurants in Valle de Bravo:

Mesón de Leyendas

Our very own restaurant at Meson de Leyendas provides exquisite traditional Mexican cuisine from our special head chef.

You dine on fine Mexican dishes in a luscious garden filled with carefully chosen plants

and beautiful architecture.

The ingredients are all locally selected to create a truly authentic Mexican dining experiences.


Soleado provide a mix of fine foods with a focus on European cuisine and a nice view of the lake

Their best dishes are their seafood and they have been known to make a delicious Margarita.


There are many Italian restaurants in Valle de Bravo and Dipao is one of the best.

They have managed to bring authentic Italian cuisine to Valle and include a vast array of dishes on their menu. If you are a fan of thin crust pizza then this is a good place to start.


Another Italian restaurant in Valle de Bravo and just as good as Dipao.


They have a great selection of wines

and use a special skill to make their pasta. All set in a green garden space makes this a very enjoyable dining experience.


August 23, 2018

Spa & Temazcal

August 23, 2018