The Valle de Bravo Artisanal Market

The Valle de Bravo Artisanal Market is famous for its exquisite handcrafted items that possess traditional Mexican charm and a unique selection of treasures that could bring a little bit of magic to your home. There is something there for everyone and you can easily spend a whole day wondering around, marvelling at the variety of expertly designed goods.

Here are some of the best things you can find there:



There are plenty of ceramic objects available at the Valle de Bravo artisanal market, from vases to plates there are wonderfully designed ceramics to brighten your house up and create a conversation point at your next party. These wonderfully unique glazed objects are a special find at the artisanal market.


If you prefer a more earthy aesthetic, traditional pottery

is available with perfectly hand-shaped items that represent Mexican authenticity from states such as Jalisco and Michoacan. There is a wide selection of pottery items for you to take back to your home..


The art of deshilado goes back centuries and is a weaving tradition from Aguascalientes that Mestizo women would take up to represent the beauty of the world around them.

It involves the the embroidery of materials in a particular fashion that is unique to the area and a style that is not seen in many other places.

Items such as dresses, napkins, tablecloths and curtains can be found at the market with a deshilado design.

Basket weaving

Valle de Bravo is also well known for its hand-woven baskets

and there is a fantastic selection available at the artisanal market. Made from long pine needles these intricately designed baskets are a tradition in Valle de Bravo and one that will look beautiful in your home.


August 23, 2018