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Meson de Leyendas
Hotel in Valle de Bravo, Centro.
Spa, Temazcal, Hot Tub & Relax

We offer an extensive menu of massages for absolute rest and relaxation.

Reflexology: Applying pressure to certain points on the feet provides a relaxing experience. Some of the benefits are: reduced muscle tension, relieves tiredness and fatigue, balances the energy level, promotes restful sleep, etc.
30 minutes. Price: $350 MXN
45 minutes. Price: $500 MXN

Anti-stress: Massage to relax neck, back and head with smooth and deep movements, to take up tension.
30 minutes. Price: $350 MXN
45 minutes. Price $500 MXN

Relaxing massage: Gentle and slow massage with firm and progressive pressure. Provides a relaxing sensation and reduces stress and worries.
1 hour. Price: $700 MXN

Swedish: For this massage a technique of intense pressure is used, which travels along the lines of the body’s muscles, eliminating knots of tension and activating the circulatory and lymphatic system.
1 hour. Price: $600 MXN
1 hour and a half. Price: $750 MXN

Holistic: Holistic massage consists of several techniques such as reflexology, acupressure and stretching of joints. Relieves muscle pain and stimulates the nervous system. 1 hour. Price: $600 MXN
1 hour and a half. Price: $750 MXN

Hot Stone Massage: This massage is helpful for people who need to cure some ailments as the sliding on the body provides instant relief and in turn provides total relaxation. Also helps combat mental and physical fatigue, decreased muscle contractions and inflammation and activates blood circulation. 1 hour. Price: $700 MXN
1 hour and a half. Price: $850 MXN


Traditional steam bath. Our temazcal is led by a highly experienced shaman.

Duration: Approximate 1½ hours

1 to 5 people: $400 MXN per person (with a minimum of $1600 MXN)
From the 6th to the 10th person: + $150 MXN per additional person

Hot Tubs

We have two hot tubs, one located in a third terrace with view to the church and the other in the garden. Please reserve two hours in advance.