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+52 (726) 262-4414
Meson de Leyendas
Hotel in Valle de Bravo, Centro.

Our address is Bocanegra #405, at the intersection of Bocanegra and Peñuelas.

If you are coming from the main square and are traveling on Bocanegra (the street with many vestibules along the sides), you will find us 4 blocks after the main church.

If you are traveling from Toluca, we recommend that you take the new Guadalajara Atlacomulco toll highway, which has an extension to Valle de Bravo. This route will save you almost an hour in travel time. Upon entering Valle de Bravo, the highway turns into Juárez Avenue. Once on Juárez Avenue, you will see the Mercado de Artesanías (Artisanal Market) on your left and, next to the market, a fruit shop called “El Tomatito”. You will want to make the left turn onto Peñuelas Street, which is between the market and the fruit stand. Take Peñuelas all the way down until you reach a wall, and then turn left. Soon after, you will reach another wall at which you will turn right. The Mesón will be on the following corner.